Did you know a database could be licensed?

A database what??  Aren’t licenses meant for things like software and dogs…

While that is somewhat true anything that is created can be licensed at some level.  As such the Natural Biometrician is looking at licensing (this is not yet finalized) the main database structure as

Open Database License (ODbL) v1.0

Big deal right?  Actually, this is a really big deal.  This openness should spur innovation knowing that the structure is there to last for the world and not to be taken as the property of an organization.  If some organization then decided to pull the database structure the developer would not be protected to continue using it to develop.  After all, the developer may not be able to distribute the proprietary database structure.

Now does this mean that all data in the database is then open?  NOPE!!!  As part of this structure, a clean listing of licenses will be listed/embedded into the structure.  Allowing the database to be self-documenting.  As the modeling effort moves on it will then be possible to see how all aspects of the model and database are licensed.  For example, if a splash screen is used when accessing the database it may show that the database is licensed under the Open Database License but that the data contained in the database is considered to be Public Domain or Fully Proprietary or anything between.

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