SPF keeps growing…

As is a reoccurring theme here the release date has been pushed back, and we will try to explain why here.

Currently, the executable portion of the SPF function is almost done.  Why is this so complicated?  Let’s do a quick rundown of what that routine does.  Keep in mind that the routine this is replacing only runs the executable function being called.

Run SPF currently checks:

  • The MS Access database file version
  • The database file name.  While this function is disabled with a variable presently if this reoccurring problem shows back up it can be enabled by flipping a switch.
  • If the environment variables are set.  If the variable is not set, it will offer to set the variables for the session.
  • If the database is more than 90% of the 2GB limit and suggests compacting and repairing.
  • If the link has been created and is for the current database and if not will establish the proper connection.

This is nearly 170 lines of code and growing.

The SPF Ribbon routines seem to be working.  The first test was when this was moved into an empty database that had never been touched by SPF.  One error was found and fixed.  All that was needed was to tweak a single line of error checking.

Windows API calls have been updated to work in both 32 and 64-bit versions.  The newer versions of MS Access require the use of pointer safe functions.

SPF Classify has been tested and shown to work.  Ever want to reclassify something and not have a routine to do this? This is the routine for you.

SPF Digest will read the structure of the database and recreate it.

What else is there to do?

A LOT!!!!!!!

Recently some of our contributors have visited with users and found many more functions that people are asking for.  One of those was the above mentioned SPF Classify.  More routines that people have been chomping at the bit for are a better log scaling (SPF LogScale) routine and a live management unit (SPF MgtUnit) report function.  A primary key builder and fixer (SPF Key?).

Once a few more of these functions are integrated SPF will be released for use for FREE to anyone that wants to use it.  Documentation will be a work in progress although this has been started.