The eternal quest for funding…

As with all good things, there is a need for funding.  However, this post isn’t meant as the “woe is me” statement that some organizations post or repeatedly spout.  Yes, funding is hard.  Yes, asking for funding is hard.  Yes, the limited donations thus far cannot lead this to be sustainable.  This must all change.  Therefore we here at the Natural Biometrician will be focusing more on finding funding short term to build an endowment to fund all future development and support.  The current plans are as follows…

  1. Develop a list of funding needs and goals
    1. File for 501c3 status.  While the Natural Biometrician is operating in good faith of the ideals we believe to be true about being a non-profit formalizing of the status will be required.  This is why progress has been slow.  Natural Biometrician is running on the backs of others resources as it can currently posses no resources of its own.
    2. Basic operating expenses such as that needed to maintain the website
    3. Roadmap for future development and expansion
  2. Submit grant proposals to all organizations that have a vested interest in supporting the mission of the Natural Biometrician
  3. Publicly list all grant requests and results of the requests for the sake of transparency
  4. Seek crowdfunding
    1. Patreon (currently in the works)
    2. Paypal

While all of these will need to be developed putting this out in the open is a good early step.  Soon we hope to produce a formal mission statement and “bylaws” to live by.  These will be necessary for organizations to take this initiative seriously.

We are looking for any input that you may have about how to meet the goals of a fully funded non-profit organization that is solely dedicated to an open and free set of resources for anyone to use in the management of any and all natural resources.