SIRM Alpha

The development of the alpha version has begun.  An output of some kind has been seen on a screen.

Even if a business structure has not been firmed up (beyond needing to become a non-profit) and a license structure has not been decided on (besides some flavor of open source) the need to develop has not lessened.  As such development has begun.  Need proof of life…


This project is very much a “but first” project.


  • Multi-user
  • Secure
  • Reasonable UI (User Interface)
  • Logically structured


  • 3 users exist for the sample system
  • access to folders is restricted and OTP (One Time Password) is verified by a 3rd party at this time.
  • Folder structure is laid out for developers to understand what is going on

With basic authentication in place, it is time to move on to crunching numbers.  But first…

Data.  Currently developing a data structure, storage, and input.  More on this when there are some basic results.

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