Project Update

What’s the hold up right?  Well, that is a good question.  So here is an update on the work.

So far we have investigated licensing.  To finalize this it will require a legal review.  The system needs to be free and open while not so open that other entities can just take the entire work and make it there own.  This needs to be a community-owned resource.

We are working on a conceptual model of how the system will work.

Work has begun on developing a code repository for both code storage and distribution/updates.

Investigating the use of blockchain like technology as an audit feature.  This system may be able to help facilitate land transfers by providing some rigor to the data set and modeling used.

Research papers are being constructed to make the model defensible and documented.  While these papers may not end up in peer-reviewed documents they will be posted and feedback will be welcomed.

Investigation of funding and resources.  Currently, all resources are being donated.  This can not continue forever.  Several funding sources will need to be contacted.

Working on developing a non-profit organization and structure.  Currently, the developers know what we don’t want to be.  Now it is a matter of making a structure of what this project WILL need to be to make it.

What everyone needs to remember is that most natural resource models have been in development since the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s.  This is a new model starting from the ground up and a different perspective.  The hope is a fully working system in 3 years but that is 3 full-time years.  Donated resources currently cannot supply that level of continuous time.