Site Grid Update 2015/04/01

Yes it is April Fools Day but we don’t have time for that here.  An update on the site grid project and its distribution.

What seemed like a simple project keeps snowballing.  So far all the data that we posses has been processed and in the last week finally finished transferring to an internal server.  This reduces the several (20ish) MS Access databases that can only handle a limited number of records to one database server.  The results are:

211,410,936 (26.8 GB of data) records covering the western United States.

Yes 211 MILLION records.  With another 45 – 46 million records on the way (no ETA).  Just dumping the data from each database and verifying that the record was dumped took several weeks.  The first attempt lost several million records and had to be redone.  All records now correspond to the source data.

Now we will begin to post the data on the site.  Unfortunately the only format that is universal is CSV.  So a series of CSV files will now be generated with the preliminary results.  This will then be distributed on this site via a gateway page.  This page still needs to be developed.

Best guess couple weeks out.