The International System of Resource Management Programming Has Begun

The need for a model developed for the USER not the developer has escalated significantly.  As such coding is resuming.

Several decisions have been made recently for this project.  One decision that has been made is that the model must work within the structure of many models.  This will mean translators will need to be made.  While the main objective is for the model to work with The International System of Natural Resource Database Format most organizations will not be able to make that jump in the near term.

A cruise compiler will be the initial goal.  Most of the organizations that this biometrician has worked with never get past the need for a cruise compiler.  This cruise compiler will work with published models to generate the results based on best available science.  Then once that is working the acquisition of data will begin to calibrate this model natively.  This data will be made public unlike many model datasets.  Do you know the status of the data that backs your models?  You may be surprised to find it isn’t what you think.