Copyright, Licenses and Lawyers oh my…

As part of the process of creating a free and open modeling framework that can be accepted by all, it is necessary to deal with several problems.  As the title says those things must all be dealt with.  

So what is the big deal?

Some of that isn’t a big deal.  Copyright is easy.  The works created here are by default copyrighted to the creator.  The Natural Biometrician has no plans to relinquish Copyright at this time.  Same problem different day right?


It all has to do with the rights the Copyright holder assigns to others.  That has to do with the Licensing.  This is where historic problems have occurred.  Most copyright holders don’t give ANY rights to the users and exert the powers over the user to their fullest.  This system doesn’t work!  So let’s discuss some of what the Natural Biometrician has in mind.


  • Built to celebrate the USER not the DEVELOPER
  • Open Framework / API
    • Source Code
    • Compiled Works
    • Data Structure
  • FREE ($)
  • User Updatable / Modifiable
  • Not able to be taken by one organization and made secret and black box like
  • Support

Is it really possible to be this open and have a successful project? The real question is it possible now NOT to be this open?

So currently we are reviewing many Open Source licenses and hope to have something soon to make the code and results available to ALL but be protected for ALL to use in perpetuity.  Some of the licenses being reviewed are:

  • Creative Commons
  • GNU and Free Software Foundation
  • Open Source Initiative (lists many options)
  • Open Data Commons
  • Developing our own license…

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